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need help paying rent

debbie007 started this conversation

i need help paying my rent i have a job and 2 children i need help now in the blink of an eye my life has been turned upside down

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i am in really, really bad need of rent money
we are in Carson City, NV and we are retired military
i need all together $500 (incl. Late fees) the rent is due tomorrow and i don't know what to do
we also have a 5 year old child please help me i don't know what to do
i am already pulling my hair out because we don't know anybody over here who we could ask for help


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sports mom
single mom barely making it by and rent is due tomorrow and the x hasnt come through and I cant afford to lose my house. No where for me to go . No family to help
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BaddCatt   in reply to juaneto
Hello juaneto

Sometimes rent will wait. Your landlord knows it's easier on him to be lenient with you, instead of going through the trouble of evicting you, preparing the home for new tenants, qualifying new tenants and going through the whole rental process again.
Offer him a partial rent payment and let him know you'll catch up when you can.
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as you read this, I don't know which way
to turn lost my job my rent is due my light and water
are still OK for this month. I haven't told my landlord about me
losing my job, its $650.00 I just need help for this month have a few good interviews lined out, but as you know rent won't wait
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wolfeman   in reply to danni909
Hi my name is rick i am in need of a home but have money maybe we can help each other where do you live and what city and state willing to traval i am 42 had bad luck in my life i have money coming in every month but know place to call home it is hard i know please trust me i am a really good man i promise you.
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Dee2779   in reply to Marina A.
Hi I see you we're going to help this mother out...I am in dier need of help 4 kids one with cancer...I lost my sitter = me losing my job I have gone thru all lifelines with state! I am so desperate I have 3 days or we are homeless!! The dad is no where to be found! Any help wld be appreciated!!
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I am in great need of help paying my rent. I just had a brand new baby boy and was in the hospital. My son is going to be in the hospital for about a month and i have been driving back and forth everyday to see him. With the missed time at work we have fallen behind on our bills and rent. I can't lose my apartment i will have nowhere for my lil boy to live. Please if anyone can help it is grEatly appreciated.
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I am a mother of three was working but husband got sent to prison really need help paying our rent we have no family here and really don't want to be homeless my kids are 7 yrs 3 yrs and 7 months I have no place to go please If anyone knows where let me know my email is please bless you all
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i need help paying my rent my husband is sick i have two kids can someone help me please i really need help
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melton   in reply to Marina A.
i no longer need aid but thank you for your offer and my i have alittle boy who is fifteen months and a little girl who is 6 months thank you again
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Marina A.   in reply to melton
Can you give me more information about your child? I can help but not that much . What kind of job you looking for and where do you live?
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I have two kids and my husband and i have both lost are jobs and are on week 22 i'm lost no goverment program has been able to help i'm at a lose i love my husband and children and have never been on the streets i'm on my last bag of diapers and on money to pay bills what do i do
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I badly need help this month. I am a mature, responsible person -- who has always tried to help others. I was betrayed and taken advantage of by my father's second family, and lost a lot of money to them. And lost my bread & butter position due to a power struggle, and someone desiring to eliminate somebody (myself) they perceived as a threat to their dominance. My credit has gone bad, and currently I have no car. Or electricity, and it is cold in Texas in December. I can offer multiple character references, who will vouch that I am a good and honest person. Even if none will help with any $$. (which I understand -- they have families etc and their own very tight budgets) I live in north Texas. Any help vastly appreciated.
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Hope J.
I aM a single mother of three girls I have always worked and always donated to the united way, but I have a cist in my eye so I've been off for two weeks and need help with my rent it's really stressing me cause my landlords are not at all understanding. Can someone please help me
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I need help paying my rent .Lost job andgot behind on bills.I have 2 kids and a fiance living with me and I am a fulltime student(a senoir)but I Have a job now along with some past due bills as well as a possibly eviction notice
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have a disabled child and had a major car repair need help this month with rent already got my 3 day notice cant pay till next wk
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Ms Sam
Hello, I'm in great need of help. I relocated from AZ to Cali, my home. I had enough money in savings for rent for my 2 daughters and myself for 2 months. I have no job. I thought I would have gotten a job by now. Never had a problem getting a job before now. I was just offered a position but I don't start work until after the first of the month. I'm in desperate need of help in paying my rent. Can someone help me please!
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Hi my name is Sara and I am in desperate need of help in paying my rent this month. I am a college student and was suppose to get my check this month but I haven't received it yet and me, my bf and our one year old have till the 1st of June do get it paid in full or we have to move out and we already got served papers with an eviction notice. Please help me pay my rent this month. We owe $780 by the 1st. Please if there is any way possible, we only have 2 more days.
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Hello, single working mother of one child in desperate need of help paying my rent got behind due to a very high utility bill,and truly needs someone's help, anything will be greatly appreciated god bless.....
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