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need help paying rent

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recently i was thinking in bagging for people mercy in the net as i'm so desperate at this moment...i only got less than $100 in my pocket on zero $5 in my bank account...i got 2 children age 2 years old and 3 months...

but reading other people problem here makes me clueless... if only people be mo generous donating $1, than 1000 people donating can make a big change in my life and other who is in need for help..


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Short on rent.  Car engine seized up so I can't do the job I used to have.  Only working part time now.  Rent is $970 and we have scraped together $625 so far.   I can fix just about any computer problem, software or hardware.  I have an AAS in Computer Network Operations and am working towards a BS in Computer networks.   I can have my old job back if I can get a car (travelling the area fixing dell computers.)  If anyone has a running car that will pass smog and would like to get rid of it, I would gladly take it.  I don't really care how it looks, just as long as it will get me to work.  Help on rent is the most pressing need however

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i need some help by this month am gonna have a baby soon am 6 months n i dont have no money to pay my rent this month is 480 please i can do any job

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me and my husben need hepl with rent it is 700 and we both lost our job he is getting unemployment but thats not good please help us by the love and grace of god ty

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sad man
I need help with rent will do any thing for work please call me at 916 617 9186
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 in response to Prophet Dr. Murray...   

Hello PDM....I too am behind on my rent. The amazing thing just as the other poster I need 1400.00 to cover it .....I live in the Dallas area, I don't know what to do but something told me to come to this site. Please pray for me that a miracle will happen, i'm trusting in God...I go to my closet and pray that God will please give me favor. I have 3 children and my husband and I have been married for 15yrs. I just got rehired from a layoff. I pray in Jesus name someone will read this or even pray that we can have our rent paid. May God be with you, Peace, Prosperity & Protection to you!

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I am also desperately behind in my rent.  I lost my job a year ago May 1 and Unemployment just run out in March.  I have not been able to find any work of any kind.  my rent is $1450 behind and I just received call from office stating it had to be paid this week by the 25th!!!  Is there some one out there that can help people like me, no job, no money, browwored from all family and friends in debt to them, bill due don't know where to turn.  Suicide is not an option.  Please help someone.  I read the in the name of Jesus response and would like anyone who went in to the closet to responde if their rent was paid by doing this..7274173361, Chris Byrd.  My rent is $697/m $100 late fee if after the 3rd needless to say I have raked up extra charges on all debt and rent is no different.  Please help.

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I am also in a similar situation. I am soooo behind on my rent it's not even funny. The only reason we got so behind is because 1) we had a very hard time finding roommates for our 2 rooms downstairs, 2) our rent is $2,000 a month, 3) we both have horrible creit and I have a bankruptcy from my previous marriage, so can't get any lending, 4) we have four young kids (all 6 and under) to take care of, 5) we just lost EVERYTHING we owned in our storage unit, so we are in the process of starting over, 6) the place we are in now has a LOT of repairs that need to be done, and we've been doing what we can to get things repaired around here, and 7) we can't move becuase only one of us two adults can work due to having only 1 vehicle and lack of funds/childcare, no money, and a prior eviction on both of us (due to a scammer). We are honest, hard-working people just trying to do what everyone else is trying to do: take care of our responsibilities and families. Since our place is so huge, I decided to start a home daycare. Although that does take time and it may not go too well, considering my family isn't the only one struggling in today's economy. We are at a loss. We've called/gone in to pretty much every church or organization to get help, but to no avail. I've already hurt myself on the property due to crappy construction (the last tenant was a do-it-yourselfer and didn't do the greatest job on the whole place). My kids go outside just about everyday to play on the deck (the huge front yard has no fence, and the back yard fence isn't complete), but it is so damaged by water and wood rot that any day now I'm sure it is going to fall from beneath them. I've considered calling an attorney (especially about me getting hurt), but since we are so behind on our rent, I feel I wouldn't have any kind of case here. And to those out there that are somewhat judgmental: we are not purposefully withholding our rent payments due to all of this. Our landlord knew of the eviction, he knew I couldn't work cause I was high risk and about to have a major surgery/baby, and he also was fully aware that we would HAVE to get roommates cause we just couldn't afford this placeon our own. He's even made suggestions on how to get roommates, having them sign a sub-lease (duh, right?) and getting them to pay their first and last month's rent before moving in.


So, anybody out there able and willing to help out a loving, responsible, caring family? My biggest goal right now is to get a "small" loan to start my daycare, but in the loan is my back rent as well so I am somewhat free and clear. If I was in the kind of situation where I could help anyone here, I most definitely would!!! There's gotta be someone out there with money and a heart for these families in need..........

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I need help paying rent and other bills. I am a 76 yr old man and in a blink of an eye my life gets turned upside down. I tried helping a guy out by giving him a place to stay and he in return stole checks from me and cashed them and now i am out of home.He promised to have the money before the bills were due and he didnt have like he said that he would. I now can not pay my bills and rent. Please help me I am now over drawn in my account because of him and I am in a big spot some please help ASAP please call me at 931-788-3953 I can explain better in person.

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I recently lost my job and have been searching for one since the day I lost my job.  I have a 1 1/2 year old boy and my husband is in danger of losing his job.  They have already laid off almost everyone under my husband and they will not say if they are laying off any more.  We are behind in all of our bills and just had too pay almost $300 to get our electric turned back on which is absolutely mandatory for the care of my son as he sees 14 doctors a month due to his being premature and having multiple complications since coming home from the NICU after being hospitalized for a month and a half.  We have sold everything we can and are getting ready to go down to only having one car.  If anyone can seriously help a family in need it would be greatly appreciated.  I do not know how we are going to pay next months rent or car insurance or car payment let alone getting groceries.  Our parents have helped all they can and are struggling themselves.  If anyone could please help a family in some serious need it would be greatly appreciated and payed back ASAP.  God Bless and thank you in advance. 

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Desperate Mom4

I am a mother of 4 and desperately need help.  My husband lost his job 2 months ago due to the economy situation and had been job searching since but no luck.   My twin boys are graduating from Junior High School next and i need money for their outfits.  We just recently lost our car and need money to get it back, and now we've just been served with an eviction notice.  My family and i desperately need help with everything especially our rent. PLEASE HELP!!!

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I recently lost my job I have 3 kids I went everywhere to get help paying my rent but get turned down by the churches. I am in desperate help all I do is cry

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fat cat
 in response to sheshe030...   

My boyfriend is disabled and he has been paying my rent and bills. But, we are fighting for help and resources. We are out of money......... We live in low income housing, but we pay gas, car insurance,etc....... We have all of the eviction papers, from the court and the housing commission. I have applied for disability but have not been approved. We have only hours left before, as the commission said, " your property will be placed on the curb."

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 in response to fat cat...   

Reply to fat cat:---First of all how have you been able to pay your rent up til now? You may have to find a cheaper place to live, one that you can afford. Are you on disability benefits of any kind and do you get food stamps and medical for your children? I don't mean to be so nosey but the more info we have the more we can help you. Have you tried http:/  I think that is the right address, if not, one of my aidmates will correct me and give you the correct address. Anyway if you qualify and can document your eviction notice as well as any utility shut off notices. Modestneeds can help you with rent and /or utilitys up to a $1000. They will pay your landlord directly as well as your gas and electric. I am going to list several sites for you to visit that have more resources for you to meet all your needs. You will have to do all the reading and looking through pages but I know you will find what you need. Anonymous40784---WhoKnew---Soulight---Rosie327--Elaine of TSA---Ricardog--Starshine and Friendshelpingfriends. Just click on their faces on aidpage and it will take you directly to their sites or you can type them in the google window at the top of the page. I wish you a lot of luck and a lot of peace. sheshe030

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fat cat

I am a disabled mother of 4 young children, with no means of support. I have a very large rent payment which i've been paying on, but can't catch up....... Would someone please help me, before I am forced to the streets. I have only days left before I am kicked out! If not for me, think of the children................

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I am a single mother of 5 and going through hard times I know every one is but if my rent dont get paid my kids and I are homeless  Im sure to be call in for an interview by the end of the week  ( lets Pray) I'm not asking  because of an easy way out this is very hard for me,  Its due on Friday and im so scared ,so if any one can please help me I will pay back, thanks to all for listening


God Bless


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we are a family of 6 its my husband myself and 2 sets of twins. we need help with our rent we just bought our moble home now we just have our lot rent

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im a woman that i have 2 daugters and im  witout any job in husband became bankrupt and he is in jail for his check,now i dont have money for paying my rent the appartement and buy food for my dugters.please somebody help me im helpless.

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I got a 3 day notice and I need help paying my rent I have a job and 2 kids but still need haelp i'm a month and a half late. Pleqse help

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Rent can sometimes hard to come up with when you have limited funds and are unemployed. There is a site that lists different sites to make some extra money to help with the bills. Try this

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